"Education is the most powerful weapon which  you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
0-2 Year Old Room (Birrung Room)

The educators of the Birrung  (0-2 Years) room share a primary goal of supporting the children’s sense of belonging both within the centre and play environments, as well as with the educators and children. A sense of belonging is vital when developing confidence in emotional and social development, as children begin to build friendships and engage in meaningful interactions with their peers and educators.

Through providing love, care and support, our nurturing educators will build trusting relationships with each child in the room, and their families. This will make it possible to establish goals for each individual child and give educators the chance to support consistent routines and practices between home and school. Working alongside families, educators also aim to support each individual child in reaching his or her goals, developmental milestones and achievements.

The program itself encourages all children to participate through providing an interest-based curriculum in both individual and group experiences. Children are also encouraged to engage in a group time each day that promotes and supports physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive areas of development.

2-3 Year Old Room (Yunada Room)


The Yunada room maintains a play-based, interest-focused program where children have the opportunity to engage in many hands-on activities each day that support their physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive areas of development. Our program is planned with special consideration of individual children’s interests, needs, strengths and weaknesses, which educators aim to support through both planned and spontaneous experiences. 

Family input is valued by the educators, who are constantly seeking photos, ideas, weekend outings and information from families to incorporate into the program. This promotes social, emotional and language development as children engage in a range of experiences such as ‘news time’, ‘weekend discussions’ and planned activities on the weekly organiser, incorporating children’s current interests.

Our flexible routine allows for children to make choices and decisions for themselves, which ultimately aims to support and develop their skills in independence. As children prepare for their transition to the Guwing room (3-6 years), educators begin to introduce more structure and routine into the day, which supports the children in building resilience, confidence and understanding of the different practices in the older room.

3-6 Year Old Room- (Guwing Room - Transitional Kindergarten Class)

The Guwing room comprises a good balance of play-based learning and academic learning to support the children’s school readiness. The educators promote a more structured, routine-based program that incorporates more group times and positive school ‘habits’ as children begin to prepare for their transition to Kindergarten.

Our school readiness program focuses not only on building your child’s confidence in academic skills such as literacy and numeracy, but also building on your child’s resilience and emotional confidence, which comes with positive relationships between educators, children and families, familiarity, consistency and nurture. Children are encouraged to develop independence as they become competent in tending to their own needs such as toileting, transitioning between school/home, rooms and routines and contributing to their own learning using their existing knowledge or the many educational resources provided by educators.

With a wide range of ‘intentional teaching’ experiences, group times and educational activities implemented throughout the day, children are supported and encouraged to build confidence in structure, remain focused for extended periods of time and become independent individuals in all areas of their development.  Our qualified educators will work with each individual child to ensure that their specific needs, weaknesses and interests are supported as they progress through our program.


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